5th Degree of Pallas Athene
Certified Volunteer of America
6th Degree of Pallas Athene

The Certified Volunteer of America program is designied to recognize those ESA members who have reached the prestigious Fifth Degree of the Pallas Athene program and is therefore accepted as a Certified Volunteer of America. The member achieving this high honor receives:
• a letter sent from ESA Headquarters to employer or college dean, local mayor or university president, and local newspaper editor informing these entites of the members achievement
• a certificate proclaiming status as an ESA Certified Volunteer of America
More information about the Pallas Athene program is available in the ESA Ideals book.

The purpose of the Sixth Degree of Pallas Athene is to develop the talents of ESA’s most accomplished members in a way that will assist them in making a permanent contribution to ESA. Each member who has successfully completed the Fifth Degree of Pallas Athene is eligible to apply to design, implement, and present projects in the areas of education, service, and association. The program has several components and will require submission of application, evaluation, and materials. If you have questions regarding the Sixth Degree program, contact ESA Headquarters.

6th Degree Overview

6th Degree Application

6th Degree Evaluation