Southeastern Regional Council

ESA History

ESA is dedicated to enhancing the opportunities for personal growth among its members. Unique programs that focus on the educational, service, and association aspects of membership have been developed and are distributed to individual members and chapters.

While members are free to choose the materials that best suit their personal and chapter needs, the following resources and programs are available to support the efforts of the entire membership.

States and chapters control the projects and programs that they adopt in the areas of education, service, and association. While most participate in international projects, they also develop activities to suit the interests and desires of their specific membership.

Here is an overview of the general educational, service, and association programs that are promoted to the membership through Headquarters, the International Council, and the ESA Foundation.


During the early years of ESA, the educational program was very specific and focused on a week-by-week study program for the series of books entitled “The Writings of Mankind.” The members purchased these books, and individual chapter members were responsible for preparing lessons according to a standardized study guide.

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The Southeastern Regional Council of ESA International is represented by states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland,Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

SERC was started to promote closer relations and fuller cooperation between the Southeastern states, International Council, and ESA Headquarters, to encourage friendship and fellowship through members and state association, to assist one another in whatever problem may arise, and to do generally any and all things necessary in fulfilling of the purpose of ESA International.